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Capsule Filling Machine


The Manual Capsule Filling Machine is one of the oldest as well as the most popular and widely used form of capsule filling. The machine is designed and manufactured with utmost care to handle all sizes ranging from 00 to 5 and to give you trouble free services year after year.

Though all the operations are manual, the machine calls for precision machined components and assembled with highly skilled personnel.

The manual capsule filling machine is widely used in research laboratories, academic institution and medium to small scale manufacturing industries.

You have the option of buying an Automatic Capsule Loading Machine, which speeds up the production activity, as the maximum time taken is for the loading of capsules manually on the loading trays of the capsule filler

Capacity : 200 & 300 Hole


  • "LPM" – Double Cone Blender - 5 to 200 Kg
  • "LPM" – Capsule Filling Machine - Hand Semi & Automatic .
  • "LPM" – Dehumidifier - 1 to 2 Tonnes .
  • "LPM" – Capsule Hand Counter -50 to 200 Holes
  • "LPM" – Capsule Loader Machine -Manual & Automatic.
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