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Hot Air Sterilizer


Std Model : 1mtr x 1mtr x 1.5mtrs & big.

Sterilization (or sterilization) in simple terms, refers to any process that effectively kills or eliminates transmissible agents (such as bacteria, viruses, sporeforms etc.) from a surface, equipment or biological culture medium. This aspect of sterilization is critical for the pharmaceutical manufacturing and sterile processing equipment is the cornerstone of the pharmaceutical industry. Every year more pharmaceutical products are recalled for a single reason – they fail the Sterility Assurance Test.

Sterilization can be achieved through application of heat, chemicals, irradiation, or filtration. Of these, heat (steam) sterilization is proven to be the most effective.


Technical Specification and Scope of Supply.

Material Of Construction :-

The outer body ( Including Doors ) of the sterilizer will be made out of 12 SWG S.S.304 and inside made out of 14 SWG S.S.316. In between the two walls suitable reinforcement is provided with 125mm Glass wools insulation. The inside of the sterilizer is tapered to get uniform air circulation. All the nuts, bolts & screws etc. used and made out of s.s.316. The sterilizer will have two doors completely made out of S.S.316 from inside & outside S.S.304 . The doors are provided with Diagonally tightening type lock.

The unit is argon arc welded & finished with mirror polished . All Contact part are of S.S.316 & non contact part are of S.S.304 Quality.

Interlocking of doors :-

The latches of the doors are provided with micro switches with indicating lights. As soon as the door is opened from one side the indicating light and buzzer will operate on other side and vice versa.

Heating :-

Air inside the sterilizer will be heated by means of S.S.304 tubular heaters of 1 K.W. each. These heaters are provided with s.s.clamps. Maximum temperature of 300 can be attained Working Temperature 250 Degree. The terminals of heaters are provided on the outside of the sterilizer for easy maintenance. Total heating load 36 K.W. Max. depend on working area.

Air Circulation :-

The air inside the sterilizer will be circulated by means of blower made out of S.S316 . and driven by 3 H.P. 440 Volts 1440 RPM Motor. The capacity of the blower will circulate the air uniformly in the sterilizer. If required parts of air can be exhausted out.

Pressure Module :-

The sterilizer is provided with pressure module with heap filter. This module can be installed on the top or on the side of sterilizer and is connected to the sterilizer by means of S.S. pipe. As soon as the heating cycle is switched off after a pre-determined time. This unit will start functioning and maintain positive pressure inside to ensure that no outside air enters the sterilizer.

Exhaust :-

The sterilizer is provided with exhaust duct with butterfly valve filled with heat resistant silicon rubber gasket. This valve is opened by solenoid valve and is partially opened till heating temperature is reached. This enables to remove that most air. As soon as the sterilization temperature is reached, This valve automatically gets closed. After the heating cycle and operation of pressure module, The valve will open partially to exhaust hot air. The exhaust air can be taken out of the room by means of suitable duct ( Clients Supply ).

Temperature :-

The sterilizer is provided with thermo coupled ( 6 Nos ) with s.s.steams at six different places to find out the temperature at six different points.


The sterilizer is supplied with control panel box with automatic control and provided with :-

  • Electronic temperature controller with thumb wheel setting.
  • Temperature indicator Digital.
  • Temperature recorder ( Thermograph) or Data Printer provided to record temperature .
  • Temperature scanner to indicate temperature at six different point in the sterilizer at regular adjustable intervals.
  • Time switch for heating cycle.
  • Time switch for cooling cycle.
  • Motor starter.
  • Contactors, relays, & fuses.
  • meters – 3 Nos.
  • Volts meter – 1 Nos
  • Indicating lights
  • Excess temperature thermostat.
  • Hooter for excess temperature ( audio signal )
  • Isolating main switch ( 63 Amps)


The sterilizer is provided with s.s. carriages fitted with s.s. wheels with Teflon bushes. The carriages manufactured out of 2mm square s.s. pipe and provided with 4 Nos. grill type shelves made out of 10mm dia s.s. pipe


2 Nos. Carriage trolley for above carriage. The trolley for sterile are fully made out of s.s. with s.s. top rails and the trolley for non sterile are made out of s.s. 304 with s.s.top rails.


Cooling coils made out of s.s.304 are also can be provided inside the sterilizer, inlet and outlet connection for cooling coils are provided outside the sterilizer. Water can be circulated inside the coils for faster cooling of the sterilizer.


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