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octogonal blender


PAN : SS 304 semi ellipsoidal size pan with a circular mouth for charging & discharging of tablets Pan mounted at an inclination of 45 degrees to the horizontal.

DRIVE ASSEMBLY : Consists of a suitable HP 3 Phase, 440 V, 1440 RPM TEFC motor with suitable worm reduction gear box and cone pulley arrangement to give three speed output.

HOT AIR BLOWER : The unit is provided with a hot air blower consisting of suitable HP 3 Phase 440 V, 2880 RPM TEFC electric motor & centrifugal blower with damper delivering required CFM. The air is heated by means of suitable electric heater to give air at 30 to 90 degrees Heater with thermostat control and flexible hose pipe.

CONTROL PANEL : Unit provided with suitable control panel with starters and push button to actuate the drive and for blower The circuits consists of MCCBs, relays and contractors in series Ample overload protection is provided by the MCCB and the relay Wires coming out of the connections are numbered for easy recognition.

MOUNTING : The motor and gear box is mounted inside sturdy MS frame and the pan mounted on the Gearing housing fitted in the stand. Blower mounted by the side of the stand or placed in remote location if required.

FINISH: All joints argon Arc welded and all SS Parts Polished to suitable finished required of pharmaceutical equipment MS parts painted to smooth finish.

OPTIONS AVAILABLE 1. Unit with FLP motors and FLP push button station but non FLP panel to be mounted outside FLP area.
2. Unit in SS 316 quality contact parts.
3. Unit with SS304 cladding / for GMP model
4. Steam heating for blower

Operation :

The octagonal blender is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing and lubrication process of dry granules homogeneously. Two third of the volume of the cone blender is filled to ensure proper mixing.

the octagonal blender or pharmaceutical octagonal blender gives best result for granules due to very slow speed and octagon shape of container. It can be used for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic products etc.

In octagonal blender the granules comes from all sides due to the octagonal shape of the product container, hence requirement of rpm is less. The pharmaceutical octagonal blender is suitable mainly for crystalline & granular type material. This type of material gets sufficient continuous movement due to their shape if container have only slow movement and will results in good quality of blending / lubrication of granules

Capacity : 10 TO 250 KGS

Special Features:

  • Suitable for dry mixing of products in granule form.
  • Easy for loading and unloading of material.
  • Easy for cleaning.
  • All contact parts are made out of SS 304 / SS 316 or SS 316 L quality material, as per customer requirement.
  • The octagonal shape & slow speed of rotating gives sufficient continuous movement to the granules, result in good quality.
  • Simple design requires minimum maintenance.
  • General structure & safety guards made out of mild steel & coloured in Standard Model and made out of SS 304 & polished to the matt finish in GMP Model.
  • Maximum care has been taken to ensure safe operation of the unit.
  • Manual rotating facility with hand wheel for inching.
  • Bigger size batch at low power consumption.


  • Contact parts made out of SS316 instead of SS304.
  • Flame proof drive motor along with flame proof starter.
  • Vacuum Loading facility for material charging.
  • Cylindrical container with cone for material charging.


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